We’ve got your back!

Hydrate Me is a brand that specializes in advanced electrolyte blends, designed to elevate your hydration experience beyond traditional beverages.

Our unique advantages include:

  • A specialized blend featuring an advanced electrolyte formula tailored for optimal hydration, delivering up to 4x better hydration than conventional methods.
  • Quality ingredients that are all-natural with no GMOs, gluten, or sugar.
  • Proudly crafted in Canada and registered with Health Canada, ensuring a high standard of quality and safety.

We offer a variety of vibrant options:

  • Mixed Berries: Bursting with the essence of nature, this flavor is perfectly tailored for those seeking a vibrant performance boost.

  • Lemon Lime: Enjoy the zesty spark of natural energy with this invigorating flavor, designed for those craving a refreshing lift.

  • Fruit Punch: Dive into our special blend, a vibrant mix of natural flavors that provides pure, potent hydration, revitalizing your senses and energizing your spirit.

While water provides basic hydration, our products offer a balanced blend of electrolytes that optimize absorption, replenish essential minerals, and boost energy levels, making every sip more nourishing.

Absolutely! Our blends are designed to be intermittent fasting-friendly, ensuring you stay hydrated without breaking your fast.

Being registered with Health Canada means that our formulas have been reviewed and approved, adhering to stringent quality and safety standards set by the regulatory body

No, all Hydrate Me products are free from sugars.

It’s simple! Just mix the recommended amount of our electrolyte powder with water, stir, and enjoy the refreshing taste of optimal hydration.

Our primary distribution is through our website, offering the freshest stock directly to you. Stay tuned for updates on retail availability.

Thanks to our efficient production methods and direct-to-consumer model, we offer a competitive cost per serving, providing both quality and value.